The offseason is the season of gainz for your Dallas Mavericks. Here’s your one-stop check-in.

Ah, August, the quietest time for the most fervent NBA fans and even more so for teams like the Dallas Mavericks who didn’t make any blockbuster acquisitions or trades during free agency. This is the time of year before training camp begins where every fan can talk themselves into their team winning the Larry O trophy or getting the first pick in the draft next year because there is no evidence to prove the contrary.

The only thing that seems to satiate fans at this time of the year is social media where you can break down a 30-second clip of jumpers to decide that someone “fixed” their shot or is now a 50% 3pt shooter. With Training Camp still weeks away, fans are left to find their own hype trains keep their heads in the game.

It’s a rough time for any fanbase, and the MFFL is no exception. There is just now a clip of some on-court play with Luka and Dorian (with a special appearance by Mav fan favorite Monta Ellis if you look hard enough), but it only whets the appetite for the season.

Outside of this, Mavs fans can track some of their favorite players in the FIBA World Cup as outlined by our own RC Takes here.

Towards the end of last season, Coach Carlisle and owner Mark Cuban made a point to mention that Kristaps Porzingis would not play at all until next season and would spend the summer conditioning. They also both insisted that Luka needed to “get in the best shape of his life” to take the next step in his career. It would seem that many of the Mavs have taken their conditioning VERY seriously this offseason. What follows are the fruits of their labors with a special thanks to @allthingsmavs, @ballislife, @eddiesefko, @Mavs_FFL, @jjbareapr .

“I must break you.”

Porzingis is posting regular lifting photos of himself such as these two photos:

And Twitter (via @Ballislife) has gone on to compare the second photo of him to Rocky Balboa & Apollo Creed’s classic arch nemesis Ivan Drago.

If he takes as good of care of his back, core, and legs as he has his upper body, KP will have a great first full season under his belt as a Maverick.

Skinny Luka

Reigning Rookie of the Year Luka Doncic was tasked with carving out a physique that could stand up to an 82 game season plus playoffs while playing more than he did last year. A tall order, but one expected of a star on the precipice of leading a 33 win team back to the playoffs. Luka stayed off the grid and in Europe most of the offseason but gave Mavs fans one post to reassure them it wasn’t all fun and games this season.

As Draymond Green said about Luka after their first meeting “He gonna be a problem.” The Squad Not to be shown up by his new teammates, new Mav Boban Marjanovic decided he’d jump in and show off his work:

And Justin Jackson told Eddie Sefko of that he put on 20 lbs of muscle to lock down the starting wing position. Dwight Powell did the same thing before his breakout season 2 years ago. Clearly a plan this front office likes.

Unsung and semi-forgotten shooter and role player, Tim Hardaway Jr. is putting up shots in the hopes of moving his efficiency numbers up for the Mavs this season:

Similarly, Seth Curry decided a minute straight of him making 3s needed to be shared with the world:

Injured guard JJ Barea put together an excellent video on his IG that shows the veteran’s progress in coming back from his Achilles injury:

Last, but certainly not least, one Maverick has been engaged in the most unique of offseason training programs. Ryan Broekhoff has been working on his handles and lifting off-balance weights as well a unique “weighted vest” situation while he lifts his newborn baby boy, Jackson, for the past 2 months:

Let’s all hope Ryan has been shooting as much as he’s been changing diapers and he’ll be all set. Congrats to The Accountant on the new ADDITION! (I’ll stop now.)


Lifting weights and offseason workouts are an abstract way of looking at a player’s progress, but it does illustrate a drive and desire to improve and that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. It tells the NBA starved fan that they want to win even more than you do and that means you can relax until the season gets going. Workouts and practice are all means to an end; the end being wins. It ain’t much, but it’s what we’ve got at the end of August.

Featured Image: @lukadoncic Instagram
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