The Dallas Cowboys were not big spenders in free agency, but they were still able to bring talent to the team. The team was able to trade for defensive end Robert Quinn, sign backup safety George Iloka, and most importantly, sign slot receiver Randall Cobb.

For only $5 million, the Cowboys got a 28-year-old, former pro-bowler with valuable experience to play on a young offense. Though Cobb’s career stats are not breathtaking, he made plenty contributions to the Packers offense.

Randall Cobb spent his time in Green Bay being Aaron Rodgers’ second option behind Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams, but the slot receiver still saw the ball come his way quite a lot. Cobb seemed to find the ball a lot running up the middle, through the seams. He is also able to make defenders miss in the open field and beat them with his speed, and after watching his career highlight tape, that seems to be where he is most dangerous.

Now, the big question is… what can Randall Cobb bring to the Cowboys’ offense? The biggest thing will be his veteran leadership and experience, which the Cowboys lacked this time last season. He also fills a huge hole that Cole “the Squirrel” Beasley left when he signed with the Buffalo Bills. Beasley was always able to get open and catch everything thrown his way, which made him Dak Prescott’s favorite target during his rookie season. Randall Cobb can do that, but a difference in the two is that Cobb is also a deep threat. Randall Cobb’s quickness of the line gives him the ability to beat his defender and give his quarterback an open target.

Not only will Cobb help out Dak, but the signing of Cobb will also impact Amari Cooper. In addition to Cobb, opposing defenses will also have to worry about Michael Gallup, which means there should be less double teams on Cooper. All three of these receivers are capable of beating their man one on one, which makes this offense more dangerous. Randall Cobb is not going to catch for 1000 yards this season, but he will help the Cowboys win games, and that is what Dallas needs.

Fans, including myself, are quick to criticize the Cowboys’ front office, and their failure to strike aggressively in free agency, but looking back on it, Randall Cobb might have been the best acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys’ offseason, depending on how he contributes to the team’s success.

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