With another former captain on the bench, the leadership for the Dallas Stars this season could be a major feeling out process.

Joe Pavelski is officially a Dallas Star, but the former San Jose Sharks captain and the current United States captain might take some time to fall back into his role as another player in Dallas. Pavelski wore the “C” for the Sharks for four years, and even beat out seasoned veteran and fan favorite Joe Thornton for the job, and most likely will be named an alternate captain for the Stars before the start of the season.

Dallas Stars captain, Jamie Benn, has been at the helm for seven seasons and has adjusted his team role for the complete benefit of the team every season. The goal-scorer and playmaker is now an enforcer on both ends of the ice and leads through example in every facet of the game.

But do the Stars have too much leadership in the locker room?

For an entire career, other than winning the Stanley Cup, it is most players’ goal to be named the captain of their team. Pavelski and Benn have both climbed that mountain in their own way, so it might be an awkward transition for Captain America to transition back to a role where he isn’t that guy anymore, especially in a new locker room full of unfamiliar faces. Mix in second-year Head Coach Jim Montgomery still trying to transition his style to the NHL from the NCAA level, and it could be a power struggle when times get rocky.

This offseason will be a great time for the team dynamic between the two to get acquainted with each other, share advice and experiences, and be ready to come hot out of the gates in October.

The Stars are built with high-performing individuals loaded with talent, but leadership has sometimes been a question in past years dating back to former captain Brendan Morrow. Individual styles are fine for individuals, but the big ask is how those individual styles will affect an entire roster.

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