Despite a late surge by Hawks’ point guard Trae Young, the award is on its way to Dallas.


Luka Doncic tallied one of the best rookie seasons in recent history recording averages of 21 points, 7.8 rebounds, and six assists. As outlined in previous pieces “Reassurance: Explaining What Should Be Understood” & “Is “Wonder Boy” Really This Wonderful?”, we examined the historical relevance of his initial season. Those figures made Doncic a well deserving recipient and clear cut winner

The franchise cornerstone was clearly elated posting the below “Thank you!” message via Twitter.

One of the most unique aspects of this is accomplishment is how it was done – the “Luka Magic” experience is something all Mavericks fans anticipate enjoying for many years to come. Relive last season’s flare right here:

Congratulations to this year’s Rookie of the year from all of Mavs Nation!!!

YouTube: @NBA
Twitter: @luka7doncic
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