The Dallas Stars are known for the big hits. With players like Jamie Benn, Roman Polak, and Blake Comeau it’s hard not to be. The Stars land big hits and play an aggressive game that puts their team in the driver’s seat. The Stars become the Hulk, once they get angry they drive the net more and do anything they can to pull out a victory.

This “Hulk Star” tends to show when the Stars play the St. Louis Blues.

In this series against the Blues, the Stars have laid out 99 registered hits in just 4 games. With every game the Stars and Blues play, the number of hits has increased as each game gets chippier.

In Game 4, as we all remember, there was a lot of questionable hits from each side. The big dogs for the Stars in Game 4 was an unlikely suspect. Tyler Pitlick threw massive hits and ended with the most on the team at 4, just last night. Pitlick only had 93 hits in the regular season but at 6’2″ and 200 lbs., it would be expected for him to be a heavy hitter.

During Game 4, the Stars needed players to get that emotion though. Pitlick and his teammates were lighting it up and when one player is putting up so much of themselves, it bleeds urgency into the whole team. That’s the energy the Stars need from here on out. Use the Hulk energy to make big hits and force moves that will win games.

This aggression doesn’t just lie in the physical aspect of the game. It matters most when it comes to scoring goals.

The Stars have had all levels step up. There’s been produced across the lineup and those who have a small number of points are still shooting the puck which leads to opportunities.

It’s better for the team to shoot the puck rather than hold on and lose their chances. Plus the Stars have found that when they charge the net, good things happen. The Stars are able to create more chances and get the puck into the net.

As the games get more important, the Stars are showing more spirit that they need to hold onto. The mountains only get hillier from here on out and every shot is going to matter.

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