There are better odds of winning the lottery multiple times than there are of selecting the correct draft picks for any team in the NFL. However, after diving in and analyzing the Cowboys’ off-season moves, we’ll be taking our best shot at doing just that.

This season the Cowboys are left without a 1st round pick after trading it to the Raiders in exchange for Amari Cooper (WR). The Cowboys are also missing their 6th round pick after acquiring Bene Benwikere (CB) from the Bengals last year. While they seem to be losing picks at a high rate, remember that Dallas has also received an extra 4th round pick due to losing Anthony Hitchens in free agency last year. This puts the Cowboys at a grand total of 6 picks entering the draft.

Will McClay has had plenty of success in recent years drafting in solid players, a trend that he’ll look to continue in a deep defensive draft class. While the defense was great in 2018, there are still many needs for Dallas on that side of the ball.

The offensive side will not be ignored either as you’ll see below. As we draw closer by the minute to the draft, let’s get started with our very own mock draft.

Round 2 Pick 50 – Juan Thornhill (S) Virginia

After leading Virginia in both tackles and interceptions, Thornhill proved that he could be the perfect player to plug and play for the Cowboys. This past season Jeff Heath struggled as he ranked towards the bottom of the league in tackling. Thornhill is a physical player that has the body to match his play. The safety position has been an issue in Dallas for a while now, and Thornhill could be the solution. Cowboys’ fans have been waiting too long for their next best safety to arrive.

Round 3 Pick 90 – Isaiah Johnson (CB) Houston

Kris Richard has shown that he’s a big fan of the bigger corners. His traits suggest that he could go in the top 2 rounds, but his consistency is what could ultimately land him in round 3. Johnson wasn’t a 30-day visit in Dallas, but if he slips to pick 90, there is no chance he gets by Dallas again. He stands at 6’2 with 4.4 speed that allows him to keep up with quicker and taller receivers. He’s also known as a more physical corner who uses his size to bully opposing receivers. Having played receiver in college and high school has given him great knowledge on how to play his opponents.

Round 4 Pick 128 – Mike Weber (RB) Ohio State

While Elliott hasn’t been anything short of phenomenal, there is still a need for a backup behind him. Weber has shown to be a productive player that gets the yards that are available to him. With the offensive line Dallas has built, Weber could have himself his fair share of big plays. His incredible vision allows him to see things other players don’t, which makes him tough to stop once he gets going.

Round 4 Pick 136 – John Cominsky (DE) Charleston

Normally Round 5 is where Will McClay likes to take a shot with the smaller school guys. However, Cominsky has too much potential to pass on in the 4th round. Marinelli has shown much interest in John due to his incredible desire to play football. Cominsky isn’t a natural pass rusher by any means, but what he lacks in talent, he makes up for with his attitude. He’s a versatile player that can move around the defensive line causing many mismatches. John would be a unique addition to Rod Marinelli’s orphanage, and one day become a full-time starter for many years to come.

Round 5 Pick 165 – Cole Holcomb (LB) N. Carolina

Holcomb wasn’t invited out to the NFL Combine after his senior season, so he went out and had an outstanding Pro day to show off his talent. He has led North Carolina in tackles 3 straight years, including in 2018 where he racked up over 100 tackles. Holcomb has also shown that he can play both outside and inside linebacker positions. While Dallas does have a solid upcoming duo in Jaylon Smith and LVE, there is always room for another linebacker. Especially one that could play special teams, and learn from these other players around him. Cole’s athleticism is highlighted on his tape at UNC where it can be seen that he’s a sideline to sideline player. Sean Lee could have a great impact on this young player that could help solidify the linebacker core.

Round 7 Pick 241 – Chris Westry (CB) Kentucky

The 7th round is the perfect place to go out and draft a player with traits you can’t teach. Westry is a true cornerback that stands at just over 6’4, something that coach Richard loves in a corner. His pro day also revealed that he has 4.31 speed, which is another trait not too commonly found. While Westry won’t make the original 53 man roster in Dallas initially, he has a great chance of joining the practice squad. A year or two in the practice squad could prove to be good for Westry, and one day he can showcase his skills on the 53 man roster.

While there is only one offensive player taken in this mock draft, don’t be shocked when other players come off the board. The NFL draft will take many turns that are unforeseen this coming week. Dallas has many positions that need help, but only 6 picks to do it with.

This team is still incredibly young and very talented. Sit back and enjoy this ride, because one way or another Dallas will find a way to make a splash.

Featured image: Dallas Morning News
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