The Dallas Cowboys are bringing in veteran wide receiver Randall Cobb on a one year $5 million deal. Cobb has played for the Green Bay Packers for his entire career. The 28 year old receiver will add depth to a wide receiver core that needs help.

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In his stint with All-Pro quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, he accumulated 470 receptions for 5,524 yards and 41 touchdowns. Used primarily as a slot wide receiver, he has had only one season where he accrued over 1,000 yards, which was in 2014, where he racked up 1,287 yards on 91 catches with 12 touchdowns. In 2018, Cobb played in just nine games, catching 38 passes fir just 383 yards and two touchdowns.

The addition of Randall Cobb is in correspondence with departure of Cole Beasley who left on a four year $29 million deal with Buffalo. But will he be better than Beasley? Let’s take a look at some numbers comparing the two veterans. Since 2014, Cole Beasley has played in every game except 1 game in 2017, missing it due to injury. Cobb has missed 11 regular games due to injuries that include hamstring, fibula, and concussions.

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With the risk of injury, the deal for Cobb is a low-risk high-reward situation and could work out very well for Dallas.

The Cowboys will need to find a way to utilize him like McCarthy and Rodgers were able to in Green Bay, with resulted in an average receiver playing above is natural skill level. Free agency is in full speed, and the Cowboys are quietly keeping pace.

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