With the trade deadline approaching, let’s take a look at who is going to be a free agents this summer. There’s a few big names going up and with how good the season is going, there’s going to be big talks with each player coming up.

The Unrestricted Free Agents

Jason Spezza, forward

AAV: $7.5 million

This is Spezza’s 16th season in the NHL and so far he has 6 goals and 16 assists. Since Spezza was traded to the Stars in 2014, he’s been a leader both on and off the ice, taking in younger players and helping them grow. Jason Spezza has a contract containing a modified no trade clause, that has 10 teams on it, as well as a no movement clause.

Roman Polak, defenseman

AAV: $1.3 million

Polak was just acquired this off-season by the Stars and he has already made a name for himself as the big scary team teddy bear. Polak is another veteran, 13 seasons, who has helped pick up the slack of an injured defensive line up. Polak has blocked 104 shots and handed out 129 hits. His physicality has made up for Marc Methot and Stephan Johns absence from the line up.

Roman Polak, 45, hoisting Anderson McDuffie, child, in Make-A-Wish game. (Shaban Athuman/ The Dallas Morning News)

Taylor Fedun, defenseman

AAV: $650,000

Fedun has been around the league in his 6 seasons. Fedun has played in 76 NHL games, 30 of which are for Dallas. Fedun was acquired from the Buffalo Sabres in November in exchange for a conditional 2020 seventh round pick. In his 30 games this season, Fedun has 2 goals and 5 assists with 35 blocks and 10 hits. He’s another player that’s been helping where the Stars have been defensively lacking.

Marc Methot, defenseman

AAV: $4.9 million

Methot is currently on the long-term IR following season ending knee surgery. Methot played 9 games this season, his last being November 1st. In those 9 games, he blocked 10 shots and handed out 15 hits, projecting a good season until his injury. Methot’s contract has a modified no trade clause that consists of 10 teams.

The Restricted Free Agents

Mattias Janmark, centre

AAV: $2.3 million

Janmark has played in all 53 games this season with 5 goals and 14 assists. He’s a speedy player who still has room to grow on the defensive side of things. Janmark has been a consistent player for the Stars who comes in clutch when need be. He will be eligable for an abrasion hearing come summer.

Brett Ritchie, forward:

AAV: $1.75 million

Ritchie is a forward who is scrappy and will lay out big hits. Ritchie racks up big penalty minutes, 15 in his last game alone, and average 11 minutes on the ice a night. Ritchie is eligible for an abrasion hearing at the end of this season.

Jason Dickinson, forward

AAV: $875,000

Dickinson has been a big help to the Dallas Stars this season. Dickinson has played in 38 games with 5 goals, 7 assists and maintained a +4 rating. Dickinson is also eligible for an abrasion hearing. Dickinson has been battling injury (back spasms) throughout the season, but at 23 he’s still a healthy forward who has been adding to the Stars offensively.

Esa Lindell, defenseman

AAV: $2.2 million

Lindell is another leader on the Stars. While John Klingberg was out of the line-up, Lindell stepped up and led the defensive core. Lindell has 7 goals and 16 assists on this season with a +5 rating. Although pretty small, Lindell will hand out big hits (100 so far this season) and blocks quite a few shots (92). Esa Lindell is another player eligible for an abrasion hearing at the end of this season.

Connor Carrick, defenseman

AAV: $1.3 million

Between being injuries and healthy scratched this season, Carrick has only played in 13 games with 1 goals and 3 assists. Carrick has had a tough time fitting into the Dallas line up but has created good opportunities when he’s played. Carrick is also available for abrasion come season end.

Julius Honka, defenseman

AAV: $863,333

Honks has only played in 29 games for the Stars this season, with 4 assists and a -2 rating to show for it. Honka has been healthy scratched for a majority of the games. Honks will be finishing his entry-level contract at the end of this season at 23 years old, but he is not eligible for abrasion because he only has 3 years of experience in the league and to be eligible for an abrasion hearing he’d need 4 years.

Featured Image: Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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