The latest speculation to surface is a potential trade that would send Blake Griffin to the Mavericks.  This could prove beneficial for both squads.  As we get closer to the trade deadline will the Mavericks prove to the the buyers so many fans want them to be?

After a close win versus the Pelicans Griffin expressed how he was happy with the win but upset with the teams late game focus.

The untimely appearance of Reggie Jackson added to the awkwardness as Blake voiced his displeasure. The Pistons have been dismal down the stretch which is why it was a sticking point for Blake in the post game interview. Something as small as this could potentially prove to be a sign that Griffin is ready for a change.

The ESPN trade machine is ideal for testing scenarios such as these. They have approved a trade many MFFL’s may find appealing. To bring this to fruition the Mavericks would have to part ways with multiple players, making Harrison Barnes and Dennis Smith Jr. ideal for this projected situation.

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Wesley Matthews wouldn’t work in this projected deal with HB as it would put the Pistons over the luxury tax. Acquiescing to the request of Dennis Smith Jr. while unloading the $25 million due to Barnes would be great for the Mavericks.  Smith Jr. has conveyed he would be open to a trade while the financial benefit of losing Barnes outweighs the production he brings.

Griffin addressed the trade rumors on Tuesday with the Detroit News. He essential shot down the notion however at what point does losing without a clear plan become to frustrating. The Mavericks have a roster littered with talent especially the Slovenian rookie who is bound to attract upper echelon talent to Dallas.

The only question is when?

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