Coming as a surprise to no one, Tyler Seguin is on a hot streak. Although Seguin’s season started off slow, he is off to the races at the midpoint of this season.

Tyler has really stepped up as a leader for his struggling team and there is no better time than the present to keep growing.

To start off the season, Seguin hit a pretty tough goal drought that lasted 12 games. Shots were being made (155 in total) but ringing off the posts. Seguin’s aggressive play was there but nothing was connecting – he’d average 20:55 minutes on the ice every game but nothing was clicking. Seguin’s play started to liven up but those pesky posts were blocking more shots than they were letting in. With all said and done, he came out of 2018 with 11 goals, 23 assists, and a +10 rating within the first 40 games of the season.

Seems to be that Tyler has taken “New Year, New Me” to another level. Since the start of 2019, Seguin has a point in every game and at least one goal in three of four games. During two games in 2019 so far, Seguin has scored two goals and came pretty close to scoring a third in each game. He is running on a six game point streak since December 29th.

His play has awakened since the start of the new year, and Seguin is back to making more goals off his shots. On 16 shots, six goals were scored and two assists have been collected. On average, Seguin is spending 20:06 minutes on the ice.

The tides have turned in Seguin’s favor as the season progresses, which tends to be common for him. For example, just last season, he scored only 19 goals and 17 assist with a -3 rating on the first half of the season. In the remaining 41 games, Seguin scooped in 21 goals and 21 assists with a +15 rating. It is not entirely uncommon for Seguin to start off slow but we’ve seen him flip this switch and light on fire for the second half.

The Stars are currently sitting in 3rd place of the Central Division with 50 points. To keep their spot in playoff contention, Seguin’s production is going to be a crucial part of the team as he has been. His leadership and smart play making skills are going to be what helps keep this team above water alongside other leaders on the team. The most important thing for the team right now will be to focus on moving forward as one.

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