The schedule has been released for the 2019 season and what else to do but a way-too-early season simulation for fun. With a new looking team, new coach, new USL team, new management, new players, and so many more new things, anything could go. So here is how I think the season will unfold for the team.

New changes for this season is that each team will play each conference team twice (home and away) and non-conference teams once. Each team will have 17 home and away games. The Top 7 teams in each conference make the playoffs with the number one seed getting a bye. Round is a one-game match with the higher seed hosting.

2019 FC Dallas Season Simulation                                                     Photo: Nico Mendez/Dallas Sports Nation

So, when I first did this, I had FCD with a 16-11-7 record which is 59 points. While I thought that I was trying to keep in mind that this is a new team, I still personally felt that that was too high, so I went back and changed a few wins into draws and some draws into losses. 49 points seemed a bit more realistic for this new team. Naturally, I have FC Dallas beating Houston Dynamo both times.

Using previous seasons as a guide, it looks like FCD could fall anywhere from 5th to 8th. This finish puts FCD anywhere from making to missing the playoffs by a few points. This is a benchmark that I have for this team. If FC Dallas makes the playoffs, I think that this would be a good season for the club considering all the changes.

What do you think about this very unscientific sim? Does FC Dallas finish higher or lower? Let me and FC Dallas Nation Twitter know.

Featured Image: FC Dallas
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