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FC Dallas gets Bressan

On Friday afternoon, FC Dallas announced that they had secured the services of Bressan. Bressan is mainly a center-back but has experience all across the backline and at 25 years old (26 in January) he can prove to be a great defensive depth option.

Not only can he be great for defensive depth, but also is a starting caliber type of player. He could definitely grow here at FCD and has experience in big games playing for Gremio and the Copa Libertadores. I can see him fighting for a starting position but also can prove to be a rotation player giving Hedges and Ziegler a break when needed. This signing could also further strengthen the rumor of Zanotta coming as both individuals are from Gremio. Though if we look at the timetable of this offseason, FCD was linked with Bressan before the Muzzi departure rumors.

Zanotta to Fill in Luiz Muzzi’s Hole?

On Thursday Morning, Andre Zanotta has been rumored to be the newest member of the FC Dallas Front Office. He would be replacing Luiz Muzzi, who on Monday was announced as the new Director of Operations at Orlando City SC. Zanotta would be coming from South American and Brazilian giants Gremio.

This is a very interesting rumor to have come out. I think that this is would be a great addition to the club and it pieces some of the puzzle pieces as to Bressan (Gremio) and Soteldo (Universidad de Chile). For an individual to come from a huge club in South America where the fans and board pressure is through the roof is a plus. Additionally, he has the experience and the success as a large club which could help FC Dallas move on forward. Though he would take on a different challenge with FC Dallas who emphasize youth and don’t have a deep purse. We’ll see how this rumor unfolds.

Carlos Gruezo to Xolos?

This rumor has been heating up more and more as the days go by. It first started with reports in Mexico saying the Xolos were interested in the player, which makes sense since Papi is now the coach of Xolos. Now sources in the US are saying that Xolos are making a move for the player.

This could be of two minds: MLS sources are starting to catch onto the rumor (though I personally don’t think that this is the case), or that there is some truth but everything is in the early stages. This will definitely be an interesting story to follow given Dan Hunt’s “No players to Xolos” statement. This is definitely not an easy position for the club to be in. Yes, we as fans would like to see that statement hold true though, we don’t want to go through another Castillo situation. If Gruezo wants to go, as Papi emphasized, it is probably best for the player and club for the player to go. Now it is just a matter if he does go to Xolos or some other team.

Bryan Acosta Becoming More of A Possibility

Many reports are coming out of South American and Spain saying that Bryan Acosta is wanting to come to the MLS and FC Dallas. Many are saying that he is going to play his last game this Friday. Bryan Acosta, 25 years old, is a Honduran National Team midfielder playing in the 2nd Division of Spain.

From face value. This looks like a good deal for the club. He is in the second year of his contract with Tenerife which causes this deal to have a release clause. The transfer fee has gone from $2.2 upwards to $4.5 which would really cause some noise here in the FC Dallas world. He has international experience which is a plus but he will also take up an international spot bringing the total to 10. More to come on his style of play.

Reggie Cannon Receives USMNT January Camp Call-Up

Reggie Cannon has been called-up to the annual USMNT January Camp. This camp normally consists of MLS players or players that the Head Coach (Greg Berhalter) would like to take a look at pending the approval of the club to release their player to the camp.

Obviously, this is a wonderful opportunity for Reggie as he continues to grow as a person and player. Now about that new contract that he deserves…

Zdeněk Ondrášek Is Our New Forward

Also known as “The Cobra” for the giant Cobra tattoo that he has on his back, is a Czech striker who currently plays for Wisła Kraków. He is 18 months off of an Achilles injury (Mauro Diaz anyone?). As he is approaching 30 years of age (December 22) he has 92 goals in 270 games (according to Wikipedia). Seems like an interesting signing and more of it later in the article (refer to the Fan Question for more on Zdeněk Ondrášek).

Luchi Gonzalez Named as Head Coach

On Sunday (December 16), after numerous reports stating the Luchi Gonzalez will be the new head coach, it came to fruition.

Surely many exciting things to come from here on out.

Maxi Urruti, Tesho Akindele, Roland Lamah, and Victor Ulloa all Traded

The past week was quite the week with seeing an exodus of 4 notable players from the team. Maxi to Montreal Impact, Tesho to Orlando City, plus Roland Lamah and Victor Ulloa to Cinnicinati FC.

The first three trades make sense to me. We got a huge salary dump with Maxi. Tesho might have hit his peak here at Dallas and Orlando may give him a new challenge. Lamah’s contract was up. The Victor trade didn’t quite make much sense to me though. As Carter Baum explained here that FCD seems to be heading young and that at 26 years old he is out of the age range. Additionally, it is rumored that FC Dallas is to sign Honduran International Bryan Acosta. If FCD is indeed headed in the direction of going young, wouldn’t the team want a veteran presence that knows how FCD works? Victor Ulloa is the only homegrown player that has been at the club for quite some time and he would’ve been a great leader for all of these younger guys. I’m not too sure about this trade but nevertheless happy for him.

Fan Question

Question (@BelkouraIsma): Thoughts on Zdenek Ondrasek as a new signing?

So after doing some research (looking at youtube highlights and some record searching) I personally am undecided. He definitely does everything that a striker is supposed to do. He finished the ball well on the ground in the 18. I could not find anything of him outside of the 18-yard box though. He seems comfortable in the air but not on the level of Cristian Colman (though Ondrasek scored some nice headers). He’s your definition of a Target Forward though maybe more of a Poacher. The most similar player that comes to mind is Chicharito. While the defending and goalkeeping quality that he faced was questionable “he has the stuff.”

Whether he fits for FC Dallas and MLS is what I am undecided on and will have to defer judgment to the scouting and hoping that they got it right. On (approaching) the “wrong” side of 30, it definitely is not a long-term project and may still have some miles in him. Think of him as a Blas Perez but in his later years. I think that he would do well in a two-striker system with Badji playing as an off striker. Ondrasek is physical and could work as a higher striker drawing the defense to him leaving space for Badji to run into. I would think of him a band-aid to the striker solution as FCD keeps on looking.

Dallas Sidekicks

The Sidekicks had their home opener this past Saturday as they took on the El Paso Coyotes and won 7-4. This was their third game of the MASL and are 2-2 to start the 2018-2019 season.


Image: Dallas Sidekicks


The Dallas Sidekicks are part of the Major Arena Soccer Leauge that consists of 17 teams split into 4 divisions (Eastern, South Central, Southwest, and Pacific. The Sidekicks are sitting in 2nd in the Southwest division behind Monterrey (who have played one game and won). The Sidekicks take on the San Diego Sockers the day after Christmas at the Allen Event Center at 7:30 pm. This would be quite the holiday gift to yourself as you check out a fast-paced style of soccer in a fun but intimate atmosphere that the MASL has to offer.

Denton Diablos

The Denton Diablos are hard at work putting together their team as they wrapped up another session of tryouts this past Sunday. The content that the team has been putting out surely makes anyone excited about this team. Also, who can’t get behind a team with such a cool logo.

Image: Denton Diablos

The Diablos will play in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) along with fellow neighbors (and maybe rivals?) Forth Worth Vaqueros. The team is operated by North Texas local Damon Gochneaur and MLS Original Michael Hitchcock (Hitch).

Fort Worth Vaqueros

The team that many are familiar with (and the team that still has hoops as there jersey) also play in the NPSL. While it is the offseason for the Vaqueros they are still none the less engaging with the community as usual. Next year, they will announce there new jersey where fans can vote on. This time of year where the weather gets cooler, have some scarfs that you can check out.

Featured Image: FC Dallas
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