No one likes losing. From the fans all the way to the owners, losing is never fun. It leaves a bitter taste in our mouth and this current 4 game losing streak is no exception. While it may seem like bleak times as the Stars currently sit out of the playoffs, the fact is the playoffs do not start today.

The Western Conference, especially the Central Division, is highly competitive and losing points is far from ideal. However, the struggles of the early season can be a catalyst for the remainder of the season. Winning hides your deficiencies while losing shines a light upon them allowing you to see what needs addressing.

One Player Doesn’t Make A Team

The fact of the matter is one player cannot carry the team for a full 82 game season. Thus far in the season great goaltending has neutralized mistakes. As we have seen during this losing streak, the goaltenders will not always be able to make spectacular saves to bail out the team. If Bishop or Khudobin is having an off night, the team must be able to pick them up as the goaltending duo has done for them much of the season.

Hero hockey rarely works out. Throughout the season we have seen examples of hero hockey and it has led to goals against the Stars. The forwards and the defense need to be in sync with one another. The forwards and defense also need to be in sync within their own respective groups. It is necessary to be consistently communicating and have a greater understanding of what their teammates are thinking and planning on a particular sequence. The team has seemed disjointed at times with no real cohesiveness within the team. The future of the season will depend on their ability to come together and act as one.

Keep It Simple

Go to the front of the net and good things will happen. Fans have heard Razor reference it numerous times during the broadcast and it is true. When Jamie Benn goes to the front of the net and they get a shot from the point, it leads to goals. Stop trying to make it look pretty and stop trying to be perfect. Win the puck battles on the wall, get it to the point, and get the best shot you can get on this possession in their end of the ice.

Dirty, greasy goals still count the same as a beautiful deke on the goalie. When you’re having trouble generating goals, simplify the game by going to the net and shooting the puck on the net. Wear down the other team and make them tired which will lead to mistakes and give you better scoring opportunities.

Stay Positive

It is quite easy as the team struggles to find consistent success to become frustrated and lose hope. Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” How the players react to this losing streak will determine the rest of the season in many ways. They can  dwell on the negative and think this is last season all over again. Alternatively, the team can take a good, long look in the mirror and realize their potential and give it that little extra effort to get to the level of play that they are capable of achieving.

The team has managed to resurrect their anemic power play and begin to get it on track. Tyler finally broke his goal drought with one against Colorado. The team is not far out of a playoff spot despite a slew of injuries. The positives are there for this team to focus on. This does not mean ignore the issues, instead, vow to work harder to fix them. Monty is quick to point out the parts of the game the team does well and not so well in both wins and losses. Striking this balance to end this losing streak will be instrumental in getting the season back on track.

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