2 for 1 special!

For the 1st part of the podcast I’m joined by Terry Kimble of Pelican Debrief ‬to preview Mavs Pelicans match up on12-05.

Why do the Pelicans struggle so much defensively but then thrive offensively?

Should Pelicans fans be considered of the AD trade talks?

What are the keys of the game for the Pelicans to beat the Mavericks?

For the 2nd part of the podcast I’m joined by ‪Sameer Moosa of our own Mavericks Nation column for a post game podcast.

Why are the Mavericks so good at home but so bad on the road?

What stood out in the Mavericks 111-102 victory over the Blazers?

Could the playoffs be possible for this Mavericks team?


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