Any true baseball fan should consider a baseball vacation. I set out many years ago to see every major league baseball park in America. After I got married I figured that may become a challenge. But my wife ended up being just as big a baseball fan. Not only that, she is just as big a Ranger fan.

Opening day is a holiday for both Kathy and me. We haven’t missed one since our engagement, and next year will make 17 in a row. Now we plan our vacations around seeing ballparks and putting another pin on our game room map. But we aren’t just hitting the major league parks. Minor league ballparks can be just as fun in their own quirky ways.

Here are some tips for the baseball fan when planning your summer get away.

  1. Plan ahead! If you have already set your destination, get out a map and see what ballparks are around. If you haven’t made plans then make sure there are some parks in the vicinity. Don’t be afraid to drive a few hours if there is nothing close. A baseball fan doesn’t let 5 or 6 hours round trip, squash an opportunity.
  2. Look up the ballpark and do your homework. Every ballpark has something they are known for. Even the minor-league parks have their funny traditions. If you plan ahead and are already aware of what to expect, it makes the experience that much better. If it is a major league park there is usually some food they are known for. Plus they all have some highlight or historical memory you can reference and see. Minor league parks have future stars. Look up the major league affiliation and see what top prospects are playing. It isn’t uncommon to get a first row seat for under $10. The next Bryce Harper or Mike Trout may be less than twenty feet away for most of the game.
  3. Uber!!!!! It is worth every dollar to have piece of mind. Especially if you indulge in any adult beverages. When out of town, it is takes away the headache of getting lost or paying to park. Let the locals drop you close to the stadium and just have fun.
  4. Take pictures. In the day and age of digital photos and smart phones you can instantly record your fun. Kathy and I take a selfie outside of every stadium. We can reference every picture and remember the park.

Between Kathy and I we have seen a lot of different parks. Whether it is major league or minor league, we have always had some fun. We have sat with the Bleacher Creatures in New York and argued with the Toastman in Charleston WV. If having fun and enjoying the game are on your itinerary, you just can’t go wrong with a  baseball vacation.

This year we haven’t made our plans. But it’s probably between Kansas City and Tampa Bay. KC because logistically it is close and we can catch some minor league games on the way. I have a buddy in Tampa so that is another easy choice. Having been to Oakland, we think we could tell you which stadium is the worst in baseball, but apparently Tampa Bay also has a claim to the title.  We will see.

As far as the Rangers go, there is nothing new going on in free agency or with coaching staff. Woody is keeping Wak, Tingler and Easley so far. He needs a hitting coach and possibly new pitching coaches. But that remains to be seen.

Offseason posts have to be creative. Any ideas are welcome as we get closer to spring training. Follow on Twitter. 

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