Word is starting to come out that the Rangers are probably going to wait until the end of the World Series before announcing a new manager.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News said Daniels was reluctant to interfere with the World Series by making a major announcement regarding their manager search. There is also speculation that maybe there are more interviews coming after the series. If the Rangers plan on talking with anyone from those clubs then two names stick out. The Dodgers third base coach Chris Woodward could be a possible target. Woodward played parts of about 10 years in the major leagues for the Blue Jays, Mets, Braves, Yankees, Mariners and Red Sox. He retired in 2012 and started coaching in Mariners organization as a minor league instructor. The Dodgers hired him in 2017 to the major league staff. Another name from a World Series team is Boston’s bench coach Ron Roenicke. Roenicke was the former Brewers manager who took them to the NLCS his rookie year in 2011. He is well regarded in baseball and might be someone to watch.

The number of manager jobs available dropped to four with the Angels announcing Brad Ausmus will take over for Mike Sciocia, who stepped down after the season. That brings up another name that could be linked to Texas. Eric Chavez who was working with the Angels, was thought to be a frontrunner to take over that club. He might be another name that Jon Daniels decides to bring in for an interview.

No matter what happens, the Rangers are taking it slow this time. They shouldn’t wait too long. Joe Espada has interviewed with Toronto and is supposedly high on their list. He was a name I was very high on. Brandan Hyde is also set to talk with the Jays according to some around the league.

My guess is Daniels can’t afford to make a mistake this time around. Being thorough is one thing, but don’t lose a good candidate waiting for the prettier one to bat his eyes at you. I am not a fan of waiting . They are already having organizational meetings. The new manager should be a part of that in my opinion.

Of course my opinion is what should count right?……… Nerd Out!

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