The Rangers are set to announce the hiring of Shiraz Rehman as assistant GM. He held that position with the Cubs. Yesterday the Cubs hired Anthony Iapoce as hitting coach and I pondered what that move might indicate.

Normally the hiring of Rehman would be an under the radar move. But the assistant GM for the Rangers this year was Jayce Tingler. Two days ago I gave my input on  who I thought the Rangers should hire. As a Ranger nerd it’s fun to sit in my recliner and throw out scenarios that I want to see. But I actually talked of a dream phone call with JD in the post. I suggested Jayce Tingler as manager and Ron Washington as bench coach.

Ron Washington was a popular manager with the fans and his abrupt resignation made most people believe that a reunion wasn’t possible. But what about as a bench coach? That was MY plan! But  it was actually just a far fetched idea from a fat guy watching playoff baseball in his living room. Then I saw Jeff Wilson’s  article about a possible Washington return as a coach. Didn’t I sugge………… Wasn’t it me that broug………… DID I ACTUALLY TALK TO JON DANIELS?

Things are starting to happen folks. This all could be just a huge coincidence. Or maybe…. ……… just maybe…………….. NERD OUT! (Before I jinx it)

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