After a great outing this past Sunday night against the New York Giants, the Cowboys are on a winning streak. The offense started off the night with a 3 play drive that ended with a 64 yard touchdown pass to Tavon Austin. The defense also had a phenomenal night by adding 6 sacks and a fumble. The Cowboys looked to be firing on all cylinders which got them the first win of the year. Now they move forward on the road to take on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Lets go through a few keys to winning this game and keeping the streak alive.

1. Containing Russell Wilson

Facing a Super Bowl quarterback is always a challenge for any team. Wilson is no exception, especially when he gets out of the pocket. Wilson out of the pocket becomes a problem for any team due to his ability to pass on the run, as well as break loose into the secondary. The Demarcus Lawrence led defensive line did an outstanding job against Eli Manning, but Wilson’s ability to create plays with his legs are second to none. Its crucial for the Cowboys to make sure they keep him in the pocket as much as possible. Lawrence and Charlton will have a tough task, but if executed the Cowboys will have a better shot at getting the win.

2. Establishing the run

Over the course of 2 games Zeke has yet to hit the century mark on the ground. Getting Elliott going is what this team was built to do. The offense runs best when their biggest weapon is getting “fed”. The Seahawks have allowed over 200 rushing yards this season which is the perfect window for the Cowboys. This offensive line is getting better as the season progresses, and now its time to establish their dominance by helping their running back hit the century mark. With a strong ground game, there won’t be much the Seahawks can do to stop the Cowboys from getting their next win.

3. Playing through the Crowd

This will be Seattle’s home opener of the 2018 campaign. Over the last few years, Seattle has made a name for themselves as one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. Opposing teams have all said the crowd noise there makes it difficult and causes many penalties. The Cowboys will have to maintain discipline on both sides of the ball. Getting “False Starts”, or “Off-sides” penalties could put the Cowboys in tough situations that could ultimately be the deciding factor. Its tough enough having to win on the road, but even tougher when a team is tripping over themselves. This team needs to be ready for a crowd that will be loud and fierce.

Overall this will be great match-up to watch from a fan’s point of view. Wilson always puts on a show, and Dak is not one to be out done. As of right now the Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East and are looking to keep it that way. Seattle won’t go down easy, but if Dallas can win on these 3 keys, they’ll be starring at a 2 game win streak.



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