The Texas Rangers lost the past series vs New York, but they may have seen a sneak peak of what they have in young rookie Ronald Guzman. At just 23 years old, the home team may have just found their future first baseman.

On the road in New York, Guzman had a group of 10 in the stands to watch him play versus the iconic pinstripes. His mother, sister, two brothers, his little league coach, and a few others were in attendance to witness an epic 3 home run performance on Friday evening by their beloved rookie.

Guzman has been hitting .278 at the plate over his last 30 games, showing good consistency wanted from a young player. With his three home runs this past Friday, his total on the season was boosted to 12, with 46 RBI on the season following the end of the series in New York. He’s yet another young prospect to shine in what has become a dismal season for the Rangers, but all is not lost as long as young players like Guzman continue to exceed expectations.

Ode to Odor

Rougned Odor

Should I say more?

Or should we close the door,

On this conversation once more.

Just as the sun was setting,

He just kept swinging,

To find his way back

To the Texas-sized spotlight.

Welcome back Rougie,

Always ready to boogie.

Just when you took you’re eye off of him, Elvis Andrus goes on a 19 game hitting streak, accumulating 29 hits in 84 at bats in that span, a .345 batting average. He has quietly raised his season batting average to .286, well above his career average. Elvis was one of my breakout candidates after the All Star break, and he did so in Elvis-like fashion, going on an impressive hitting streak. His power numbers have not returned from last year with still only 4 home runs on the season, proving last year’s 20 HR to be an anomaly. He has always been a consistent hitter at the plate, and it has shown in the 2nd half of the season. Only being 29 years old, he still has plenty of productive seasons ahead of him, whether or not his power ever shows up again.

The final month is on the horizon with the season slowly coming to and end, so should we hope that Elvis chooses to opt into his contract? I think we should, as he provides the veteran leadership alongside Adrian Beltre, IF Beltre stays that is. But that’s all the more reason to hope for Andrus’ return, as Beltre’s future with Texas is not promised at the tail end of a two year contract he signed in 2016. With his consistent bat and steady glove, John Daniels should consider making Texas Elvis Andrus’ final and only frontier in the big leagues.

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