News broke out that Kellyn Acosta would be traded to the Colorado Rapids yesterday via Jon Arnold

My initial reaction was shock and surprise. I know that in the FC Dallas sphere that we all talk about how Kellyn would move on but it never seemed that he really would (well at least to me). I mean, he had been progressing nicely and getting called up to the USMNT should definitely have helped.

After some time though, it made more sense. Kellyn hasn’t been the same since getting his call-up back in 2017 and has been struggling. Much to fans’ frustration, you could tell that Kellyn was frustrated as well. As a player, you do everything that you can to help yourself and your team.

When you take a step back and look at the situation. This is a situation for Kellyn to be in. The night in New Jersey against the NYRB was more than what appeared on the surface. The walk into the tunnel was maybe not only a frustration with Papi’s choice but also with himself and Kellyn has been trying to get back up to that level that he, and we the fans, know that he is capable of. This might be the change of scenery and a new challenge that he needs.

There is no need to argue that Kellyn was a valuable piece to FC Dallas. Coming straight out of the renowned FC Dallas Academy and blossoming into a USMNT player and a key midfield piece, Kellyn epitomized what FC Dallas is.

Kellyn first joined FC Dallas in 2009 with the academy at the age of 14 and became a pro in July 2012 as a fullback for FC Dallas. In 2014 he was plagued with a knee injury and in 2015 he made the transition into the midfielder that we all know that he is. His breakout year came in 2015 and 2016 which lead to the Supporter’s Shield and USOC Championship which brought silverware back to the team in over 20 years.

Kellyn not only left his heart out on the field but also showed his love for the game and shared it with the fans. He was and still will be a fan favorite and really showed us what it meant to be “Dallas Til’ I Die” by playing his best and really leaving it all on the field. While he is going through a rough patch in his career, Kellyn made the most of it and played on through and that speaks volumes about his character as a player and as a person.

We don’t always see past the pitch on what goes on in a player’s life and we have to remind ourselves that soccer players are humans as well. They have the fortunate opportunity to live out what many would say is the dream. At times it isn’t easy and really hard and one has to remember that this is their living. I think whatever happens with Kellyn will only reflect positively for him and the FC Dallas organization, especially for the academy.

FC Dallas gets an additional international slot up until 2019, Colorado’s first and second-round draft picks, and 50% of any international sell of Kellyn Acosta until the summer of 2020. Also, we get Dominique Badji who has been a proven goal-scorer for Colorado which lacks attacking and scoring opportunities. That’s some good business by the FC Dallas FO who at times can get a lot of stick from the fans.

Thank you, Kellyn for all the memories and the wonderful things that you have given to us fans. Here is to you and the best of the luck to you in the future. We are proud to call out one of our own. #HomegrownCity

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