Lately we’ve been seeing many quarterbacks breaking passing records that were held for decades. Although the QB deserves credit, we can’t forget the fact that the wide receivers racking up those yards as well deserve their dues. In the NFC East there are plenty of explosive receivers that are known for exposing defenses. Let’s see how these receiving cores inside the division stack up against each other. We’ll go through and rank each team’s receiving trios, this way you won’t be reading for hours.

The point system will stay as it has been for the past articles. If you’ve kept up with the series you’d know we always start with the best and work our way down. Let’s not wait any longer and start things out with the #1 ranked receiving trio.

New York Giants – 10 points

When it comes to being a great receiver in the NFL look no further than Odell Beckham. Odell started his first 3 seasons with 1,300 yards and double digit touchdowns in each year. There aren’t many cornerbacks that can keep up with Beckham due to his tremendous speed and even greater ability to make highlight reel receptions. Last year Beckham suffered an injury that made him miss 12 games. He’ll be returning with the intent to receive the highest contract of any receiver in the history of the league. Sterling Shepard missed 5 games, but still gained over 700 yards in the absence of Beckham. Shepard will enter as the team’s #2 receiver after the departure of Brandon Marshall. This should allow Sterling to get more looks his way especially with defenses having to worry about Barkley coming out of the backfield. Cody Latimer never showed why he was drafted in the second round back in 2014, but now he’ll be able to fit in as the team’s slot receiver. This should leave him with better matchups where he could finally demonstrate to everyone his true potential. The trio of Beckham, Shepard, and Latimer look to give defenses trouble from every direction.

Philadelphia Eagles – 8 points

After signing a 1 year deal with the Eagles, Alshon Jeffery received a 4 year deal extention worth over 50 million with 27 guaranteed. Having a big body receiver like Alshon is a great benefit due to his ability to out jump most cornerbacks. Jeffery surpassed 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2017 which is what you’d expect out of your #1 receiver. Nelson Agholor became a favorable option for Wentz and Foles as he caught over 75 passes throughout the season. Agholor’s stats have risen every year since he’s entered the league, and this year won’t be any different. Mike Wallace is the new addition to this Eagles’ receiving core. He’ll be a problem for teams with weaker safeties considering his ability to stretch the field. Wallace proved last season that he still has his speed after he caught 52 balls for over 700 yards. Having veterans like Wallace and Jeffery on the field will benefit Wentz while causing chaos for opposing teams.

Washington Redskins – 6 points

Jamison Crowder is coming off another solid season in which he caught 66 balls for 789 yards. Crowder has been consistently putting up over 600 yards since he came into the league. This year with Alex Smith at the gun, Crowder, is looking to finally reach the 1,000 yard mark. Opposite of him will be former first rounder, Josh Doctson. Doctson hasn’t lived up to his first round pedigree, but he has shown flashes of his pass catching abilities. The newly acquired Paul Richardson is coming off a breakout year where he averaged 16 yards per catch. He will be asked to fill the slot position where he can create separation with his speed and routes. Overall this trio doesn’t have any one player that installs fear into opposing cornerbacks, which could lead them to run the ball more than they’d like to.

Dallas Cowboys – 4 points

After the departure of Dez Bryant, this team was left without a #1 receiver. Allen Hurns came through free agency from Jacksonville, but he’s coming off an injury that kept him out of 6 games. His big frame will make him a good target for Dak in jump ball situations, as well as down the middle of the field. He also brings a veteran presence that will make him a good role model for the younger players. Cole Beasley may be this team’s best receiver currently, but he’ll be playing in his usual spot at the slot. He’s at the end of his contract which will have him playing with a chip on his shoulder. His quickness and agility make him difficult to cover in man to man situations. Terrance Williams is still nursing a foot injury, which leaves the door open for the rookie Michael Gallup. Here’s a guy that brings a great attitude and incredible abilities. Once Gallup makes the catch he turns into a running back, the way he runs through defenders. By the end of the season, Gallup will be this team’s new #1 receiver that can also grow next to Dak and Zeke.

At the end of the day this trio has good potential, but has to prove it before they are ranked above the rest of this division. Each receiver brings a different benefit to each team which makes it tough to rank them. Next time we’ll be going through the men that battle in the trenches. Below you can see how these teams have stacked up to each other’s thus far.

1. Philadelphia Eagles – 36 points

2. New York Giants – 28 points

3. Dallas Cowboys – 24 points

4. Washington Redskins – 24 points

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