The NBA trade deadline day was yesterday and oh my it was a good one! The Cavs basically traded their entire team and Isaiah Thomas got traded to the LA Lakers. Luckily the Dallas Mavericks didn’t trade their whole team but they traded Devin Harris. Harris was a key veteran in Dallas and he will be missed. Harris has been a big part of the Mavs franchise for years and he is a great friend of Dirk’s, we will miss you, Devin! But now the Mavs have a shooter who is 26 years of age who could turn into a truly great player.

McDermott and Harrison Barnes were on the same High School team which went 50-0 in a season, I am hoping they could do the same sort of thing in Dallas (82-0). With Barnes to help McDermott into his new role and team, I think he will fit into Dallas with ease. Doug could help Dallas to get this season back on track with his 3-point ability. This year Doug has shot 42% from three. Also, the Mavs got a second-round pick in the three-way deal with the Knicks and the Nuggets. This second-round pick could produce a good young player who could join the Mavs roster or be traded away for players or picks.

I think Dallas should have traded Wesley Matthews for a center or another shooting guard but sadly that did not happen. If Nerlans Noel ever gets played, this young Dallas team could have a bright future. Noel has had a thumb injury which has caused him all sorts of problems.

The Dallas Mavs would be getting a lot younger, this is very key when we are sadly close to the post-Dirk era. With everyone healthy, the Mavs could maybe look for a playoffs spot next year!

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