The Dallas stars are on their way to whats looking like a wildcard playoff spot. While they are fourth in the western conference, the wildcard is their best option at this point. There have been some ups and downs to this season while the Stars are trying to adjust to a new coach, new goalie and everybody new on the team.

Injuries this year.. have been way better than last year! Last year we had injury after injury, in the 2017-2018 season we have had 1 injury! With our goalies too, i think we have made a huge improvement. Bishop has had 4 shutouts so far this season, which is third in the NHL. John Klingberg has had a amazing season this year, he is one of the leaders in the NHL with 33 assists!

Radulov and Rousell have been having racking up the penalties this season (but i mean does Rous surprise you?) with a total of 39 penalties with just them two combined.

Speaking of the one injury this year, Marc Methot was a big part of our penalty killing. So, hopefully when he is well and back we can get back to where we were at the beginning of the year. Towards the start of the year, we were doing amazing with our special teams.

Last piece of news is that, Tyler Seguin (forward) and John Klingberg (defensemen) will be playing in the 2018 NHL All Star game for the Central division! I was disappointed Jamie Benn didn’t make the cut. It will be Klingbergs first time and Seguins fifth.


Photo: Shattered Lens Photography / Tumblr



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