On Thursday the Dallas Mavericks beat the Memphis Grizzlies 95-94 with Barnes hitting the game-winning three with 0.4 seconds left on the clock. That shot might be a turning point for the Mavs.



Last night the Mavs held the Thunder at the AAC. The Mavs played their best defence this season and arguably their best game. They somehow controlled Paul George to 2 points and made him go 1-12 from the field! This game was an excellent game from the G.O.A.T (Dirk Nowitzki) with his season-high of 19PTS. Dirk was making it rain from deep going 4-7 from three and 7-10 from the field. Dirk also got 5REB and 4AST making it an expressive night from the veteran.




If Dallas can keep this great defence and offensive up against the spurs I think we have a great chance for the win on Monday night!

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