So after Dallas’ not so good start to the 2018 NBA season (3-14), most of us have started to look into the future instead of thinking about the Mavs losing every night. If the Mavericks finish 15th in the NBA Western Conference they have a very good chance of picking the #1 pick in the 2018 draft. So I think it is about time to look at some prospects the Mavs could pick.

 Michael Porter Jr. (SG)


Michael Porter Jr. and Dennis Smith Jr., you can just see it written in the stars. Michael Porter Jr. has been #1 on every mock draft and Big Board since early this year. His height 6’10 and his unbelievable 7’0 wingspan is unguardable. Porter’s jump shot is a force to be reckoned with and his playmaking and Basketball IQ is second to nun.  He has also shot a nice percentage from the field, 47% from three and shot 86% from the free-throw line in his senior year at school. In the All-America McDonalds game, he won MVP. His defence is not so good but hey neither is Dirk’s….

Marvin Bagley, III



Bagley has been the #1 spot on most of the mock drafts so far, only falling to Michael Porter Jr. on some occasions. At 6’11 with multi-dimensional skills and blessed elite athletic ability he impacts the game on both ends of the floor. His soft shooting touch, scoring instincts and ball-handling ability make him unique at his size. Like Mohammed Bamba, this might be exactly what Dallas need after Dirk retires which will probably be in one or two seasons. With his height, Bagley can grab many rebounds and score second-chance points which is what Dallas need at this point in time. The only downside to Bagley is he is not a consistent shooting threat but with the help of the Mavericks coaches and staff I think that won’t be a problem in the future.


Mohammed Bamba


Bamba (1)

Mohammed Bamba stands at a stunning 7’0 and moves like a guard. My personal favourite choice for the Dallas Mavs, I think a big man like this is exactly what we need in the post-Dirk era. Bamba has been compared to bigs such as Porzingis, Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony-Towns. Also, Bamba has a 7’9″ wingspan that puts him in an elite class when it comes to deflecting passes and blocking shots. At the moment the Mavs do not want to start Noel (for some reason) so maybe they could trade Noel for someone else and draft Mohammed Bamba…..

So overall there are good times ahead for the Dallas Mavericks!

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