Well it has been awhile and a lot has happened. Lindy Ruff is no longer the Dallas Stars head coach. Ken Hitchcock was named returning head coach. Some fans are very happy with this decision saying that Ken will be the perfect fit and we should win the cup this year. I think some change in the team is going to be great, I dont think that Lindy was doing his best with the team. Ken said “I consider myself as a expert on the Stars – not just because i used to coach here.” in a interview, Ken had been watching the stars closley in the five games that the Blues played against the Stars. Ken was sucessful with the Blues last year as they ended up going to last round playoffs. But, our second game we fell against the blues. 

Another piece of big news is that we now have Ben Bishop on our team! Bishop is the tallest goalie to ever play in the NHL at 6’7. so we’re lucky we finally got big ben. The two things fans were complaining about last year have now changed, our coach and our goalie. Bishop has been great the first few games, although we have lost the first two games we took our first win on Tuesday at the AAC against detroit. Bishop had some great saves. 

The season is looking up and we want the cup! Adam Cracknell is now in New York as well, Cracknell was our forward that played great last year. 
Image: Jordan Meserve

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