With the Stars taking a huge win over the Sharks last Friday, it made everybody hopeful for a better team effort. The final was 6-1, with goals from Benn, Klingberg, Ritchie and a amazing hat trick from Cracknell. Kari Lehtonen has played a tremendous part in winning the past few games. Speaking of Kari, he took the NHL’s 2nd star of the week which surprised many people, considering how much everybody has been complaining about how bad our goalies have been this season. Which makes a lot of fans rethink, will we be trading Kari or getting a new goalie with how these games have been going?

Then Sunday, the Stars took another win against the Devils with a final of 2-1. That was our first OT win in a long time. Tyler Seguin led the Stars to a OT win 20 seconds in. Now, that win was another huge improvement. Anybody who watches hockey knows, OT hasn’t been the Stars strong suit this season with 11 OTL. Now, to the bad news.. the Stars took a loss to the Canadiens Tuesday. With a lone, un-assisted goal from Curtis McKenzie in the first, it was looking hopeful for the Stars until the third period came around. Montreal scored 3 goals in the third, which really hurt.. Final 4-1.  It also hit home when the fans saw pictures of Jordie and Jamie together. That was their first time playing against each other.

Last but not least, the Boston game.. final 2-0. That was a rough loss, (it actually was rough McKenzie came off the ice with a very bloody face due to a high stick by Miller) and the Stars can’t catch a break even after the double minor powerplay.

So, where are the Stars going after these few games? Its hard to tell with almost every game being different.

Image: Hannah Ray/Instagram

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