It has been a crazy ride this season being a Stars writer! We have improved for sure, well in my opinion. Of course, every fan is still missing Rousell and all the fights. On the other hand, we had a amazing game Monday.

It was a 1-0 win for the stars. Personally, that game I saw a huge improvement. Although, the first period was very slow we ended up picking it up and kept the puck out of our net (for once!) All the rookies have been stepping up, Curtis McKenzie took the lone goal of the game. We haven’t been hearing much of Jamie Benn and Patrick Sharp as last season. That probably has a lot to do with all the injuries that have came their way though.  The speed and aggression that happened in this game was un-real, it reminded me alot of the last season layoff Stars!

I’ve also been noticing some improvement with our goalies. Its been baby steps to some improvement but i am slowly seeing it. Although, in my opinion, we don’t need another repeat of this season so we really do need to trade our goalies next season. I’ve been seeing a lot of fans on social media mad at Lindy Ruff for not trading one of our goalies.

With a very very low chance at playoffs this season (2% about) we would have to win almost every game we play and cross our fingers a wild card spot. All the fans can do is  for the besnext season, and hope we don’t have as many injuries. We had about triple the amount of injuries that we had last season which is very un-believable. 


Photo: Shattered Lens Photography/Instagram

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