The Stars this season, struggle to make last effort chances for a playoff spot. With a key player Jason Spezza out this maybe a hard spot to come out of. They have a few things they can improve on but, a obvious one is road games. 7-13-4 is not where we want to stand being this close to playoffs. “It hasn’t been our best hockey, but we don’t have a choice now. We’ve got to dig deep and find a way to win these hockey games.” says Stars captain Jamie Benn.

Speaking of injuries we have Oleksiak. Oduya and Spezza out. That means more line changes for us, which isn’t good news. The Stars have had numerous amounts of line changes each game, which i’m sure has put a strain on them. We have double the amount of injuries this season than we had last season. Its been a rough season for Lindy Ruff, the players and the fans.

Were not having any luck with goalies either, countless games this season we’ve had the tendency to switch goalies when things aren’t going so great. There has been some speculation among many fans that we could be trading next season for Tampa Bay Lightings own Ben Bishop. His contract will be ending and with how the playoffs went last year I think a lot of people could agree we could use a fresh goalie on the ice. There’s also been rumors about us trading for the Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, there has been discussion according to Pierre LeBrun. With how its going stats wise, it looks like we might trade Kari but that is all speculation.


With everything going bad this season, we’ve managed to stay positive. From what we can see at practices, the Stars always tend to keep a smile. Our rookies have also been stepping up, players like Adam Cracknell and Devin Shore have really been helping putting the puck in the net, which has been a big positive for the team. As the season continues all of the Stars fans and the players will have to stay positive and not dread on each loss we have.

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